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About us

On this site you can get acquainted with our products - pyrotechnics, water lanterns, sky lanterns, helium-filled balloons, colorful smoke, fire fountains for cakes, flappers and confetti tubes, sparklers, as well as find news and information about purchase options.

Our firm was founded in 1992 and from a small company it has become one of the leading pyrotechnic wholesalers with a large range of products, competitive prices and developed sales network.

Ltd. "Aldi" is a distributor of the well-known company "Tropic”, and these products are available in 22 cities in Latvia in more than 40 sales outlets.


  • Arvis Zārbergs

    Member of the Board +371 29331999

  • Aldis Zārbergs

    Chairman of the board

  • Inita Zārberga

    Advertising Head +371 29106969

  • Ligita Kasparoviča

    Salesman - consultant +371 22009979

  • Māris Ozoliņš - Ozols

    Salesman - consultant +371 29992543

  • Valda Zemture

    Acountant +371 29246704