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The correct use of pyrotechnics

  • Read the instructions before use
  • Buy fireworks in licensed stores
  • Use fireworks near water or fire extinguishe
  • Never experiment or make fireworks by your own
  • Keep fireworks in cold place
  • Never direct fireworks to human
  • Never  throw fireworks in metal or plastic containers
  • Do not try to touch slow match if it is broken
  • Do not come closer to firework if all shoots haven’t  fired (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Use fireworks in open space(follow instructions)
  • You can purchase fireworks if you have reached age of eighteen
  • Spectator have to watch fireworks in safe distance
  • Pay attention on that in shooting are, there is NO electric wires or trees
  • Shoot fireworks in safe distance from houses
  • Pay attention that there is no dry grass around you, which can born easily
  • Check wind direction, smoke have to breeze away from viewers
  • Do not use fireworks if there is strong wind
  • Use fireworks in flat location
  • Do not use fireworks if you are under influence (alcohol; drugs etc.)
  • If you do not like fireworks you can close the window and curtains it will protect you against sounds and lights
  • Do not throw fireworks in open fire
  • Best solution is to hire professionals.